Masques de théâtre


Article 1: introduction 

The present online terms of sale apply in a exclusive way enter on one hand the company 

KUHN "Masked factor", 3 route de Cugand 441910 Clisson 

Siret: 750 584 039 00036

Phone: 06 22 21 75 83 email: And every Internet user wishing to proceed to a purchase on the site on the other hand. 
Every Internet user can acquaint with general terms of sale on the site. These general terms of sale which can be the object of modifications, the applicable conditions are the ones current on the site in the date of signing of your order. 
Any order made with KUHN "Masked factor" Pull the acceptance of the present conditions.

Article 2: contract 2.1 Conditions to make an order

You declare to be old of at least 18 years and to have the legal capacity or to be a holder of a parental consent allowing you to make an order on the Site. 2.2: we inform you by email of the sending of your articles and the availability of our products. This sending establishes the acceptance of your order and so trains the sale contract between you and us. 

Article 3: price and availability

The prices shown on the site are indicated in euros any French included taxes (KUHN "Masked factor" is not subjected to the VAT). 
We can accept your orders while stocks last. Parcel are generally sent in 48 hours after reception of your payment

The standard method of dispatch is followed Colissimo. About is the chosen method of dispatch, we shall supply you as soon as possible a link which will allow you to follow on-line the delivery of your parcel. 
We reserve the right to suspend any management of command(order) and any delivery in case of refusal of authorization of payment by bank transfer on behalf of the officially accredited bodies or in case of not payment. Your command(order) will thus be treated only in the reception of your payment. The prices(prizes) are given for information purposes, subject to available stocks and can be modified without advance notice. 
If, in spite of our vigilance, articles are unavailable, we shall inform you about it by email as soon as possible. 
. In case we could not you


Article 4: payment 

The commands(orders) settled(adjusted) to the site are only made by bank transfer, mandate(money order) and bank check. In case you choose to settle(adjust) by bank check, your command(order) will be handled(treated) only upon receipt of this one and the applicable deadlines(extensions) are the ones in the day of the reception of the check. The banking payment by check is possible only for checks in euros pulled(fired) at a bank taken up residence in France or in Monaco. In case of payment by check, the putting in the collection of the check is realized in the reception of the check. The check must be established in the order KUHN Jean-Emmanuel, and sent to the address below: 

KUHN jeans-Emmanuel 2 kicks of the Reach Chabot 79270 Fontenay Rohan Rohan.


Article 5: customs duties 

Any command(order) crossed(spent) on the Site and delivered outside France can be subjected(submitted) to possible taxes and to customs duties which are imposed when the parcel reaches its destination. These customs duties and these possible taxes bound(connected) to the delivery of an article are at your expense(under your responsibility) and are(are a matter) of your responsibility. We do not have to verify and to inform you about customs duties and applicable taxes. To know them, we advise(recommend) you to inquire with the competent authorities of the country concerned.


Article 6: returns 

You have a statutory right to withdraw of seven ( 7 ) days to turn(return) us articles without having to justify motive All the products supplied by the seller benefit from the legal guarantee planned by articles 1641 and following ones of the Civil code. In case of non-compliance of a sold product, he can have returned to the seller who will resume(take back) him(it), will exchange him(it) or will pay off him(it). All the complaints, the demands(requests) of exchange or refund(repayment) have to be made by mail way at the following address: KUHN Jean-Emmanuel 2 kicks of the Reach Chabot 79270 Frontenay Rohan Rohan, for the deadline(extension) of thirty days according to delivery date.

Article 7: property reserve

The delivered properties(goods) will live(remain) our property until their discount(delivery) to the sender, when you settled the price(prize) it.

Article 8: guarantees and responsibility 

You benefit from capacities(measures) of the legal guarantee of the latent defects. Guarantee of the latent defects and the responsibility In the hypothesis where articles which we delivered you would present a latent defect, you can choose between the cancellation of your sale contract against complete refund of the paid(poured) sums and the expenses of return. 
We disclaim all liability in the hypothesis where the delivered article would not respect the legislation of the country of delivery. 
We make a commitment to bring all the care for the implementation of the service(department) offered to the customer. Nevertheless, our responsibility cannot be held(retained) in case of breach(negligence) to our contractual obligations(bonds) because of a coincidence or of a case of absolute necessity such as defined by

We implement(operate) all the ways(means) which we have to assure(insure) the services(performances), the objects of the present general condition of on-line sale. 
The seller, in the process of on-line sale, is kept only by a best effort undertaking; his(her,its) responsibility cannot be committed(hired) for a damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, break of the service(department), or other involuntary problems. 
. On no account we shall incur responsibility for losses of earnings, commercial losses, losses of data or loss of income or any other indirect damage or which was not predictable at the time of the use of the web site or the conclusion of the sale contract between us and you. 
The limitation of above-mentioned responsibility is


Article 10 - Intellectual property 

All the elements of the site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of KUHN " Masked factor(mailman) " Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit(run), to rerun, or to use in any respect whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that they are software, visual or sound. Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without an agreement written specially(deliberately) KUHN Jean-Emmanuel " Masked factor(mailman) ". 

Article 11 - Given personal 

According to the law relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties of January 6th, 1978, the information with name specific character relative to the buyers can be the object of an automated treatment(processing). Masked FACTOR(MAILMAN) makes a commitment not to reveal in thirds(third parties) of the personal information

Article 12: applicable right and competent jurisdiction 

The present general condition of on-line sale is subjected(submitted) to the French law and to the Agreement(Convention) of Vienna(Vienne) on contracts of international sale of goods. All the disputes relative to the commercial relation existing between you and us are subjected(submitted) to the exclusive skill(competence) of the courts of Quimper (France) in spite of defendants' plurality or call(appeal) in guarantee.

Article 13 - Archiving - Proof 
Masked factor will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and sustainable support establishing a faithful copy according to provisions of the article 1348 of the Civil code. Registers computerized of Masked factor will be considered by the parts proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions intervened between the parts.

 fActeur Masqué Entreprise KUHN - Facteur de Masques

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